Character Walks – English Drama Game

👣Character Walks👣 This simple drama game (ages 6+) is great for practicing questions and reviewing vocabulary. It also encourages children to develop their imaginations and boost their self-confidence by play-acting in front of an audience. 1) Have everyone standing in a large circle 2) Children are secretly given a character for example: ballerina, cowboy, queen, robot, monster, pirate, astronaut, clown,bear, monkey, wolf, mouse, etc. 🤠💂‍♂️👑 3) [...]


Storytelling with young language learners

I used to really dislike storytelling with my young language learners. Why? Because it was such hard work! I would find it exhausting maintaining children’s attention for longer than a “page” and it crushed me when I saw eyes rolling 🙄or heard little voices exclaim “when is it finished?” or worse still “this is BORING!!”.😴 I desperately wanted these beautiful stories to fly off the page [...]


Singing with young language learners

A question I often ask teachers is “do you sing in class?" Answers vary... 🗣 “Perhaps, if there’s time at the end of the lesson” 🗣“No, I’m a terrible singer!” 🗣“Yes, but I sing the same old songs” 🗣“I’m too embarrassed to sing” 🗣“I only sing songs with very young learners. Older kids get bored” 🗣“No, it takes too long for children to learn the song” [...]


Why do English lessons flop?

Have you ever prepared an  activity for your children based on what you’ve read somewhere or seen someone do? But when you introduce it, it completely FLOPS?😢 Why is that? A lot comes down to how we communicate. I often see teachers with impressive qualifications, knowledge and experience but with something fundamental missing: Effective communication skills. According to research (Albert Mehrabian PhD , professor at [...]


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear… English Drama Game

This afternoon I’m teaching a new (mixed level) group of 7-8 year- olds.🇬🇧🇬🇧 Some have already participated in my Mummy & Me courses and are therefore more confident speakers while others are completely new to Drama and English and are a bit apprehensive about what to expect (quite understandably so). If you are starting with a new or mixed-level-group I recommend choosing drama activities that stimulate [...]


English drama game of the week

Theatre warm-up games are perfect in helping to break-the-ice with a new langauge class🇬🇧 and set a playful tone to sessions. They instantly create a pressure free setting where children feel open to join-in, get-to-know their classmates and try new-things. A fun drama starter game is: CREATE AN OBJECT/ANIMAL Age: Children 5-99 Level: beginner- advanced Print some flashcards of different animals and/or objects for example: - [...]