The secret to teaching children English

If you have an after-school program or you’re planning on opening one soon - one of the biggest challenges you’ll probably face is getting new students to enrol. Years ago, when I first started teaching children in Italy it was simple and effortless getting new students mainly because there were few (if any) after school language programs in town specifically dedicated to children. It was [...]


ESL Drama Game – Flashcard Limbo Dance

Children get restless and fidgety when they have to sit still for long periods of time, especially around this time of year. The ⚡️Flashcard Limbo Dance⚡️ is an ideal way to revise vocab and get children physically active and emotionally engaged learning and speaking in English🇬🇧 Materials needed: - A Bamboo stick (alternatively: broom stick, elastic or rope) - Flashcards (animals, colours, rooms of the house, clothes, [...]


5-Day Intensive Teacher Training Course 2-6 September 2019, Florence.

Are you feeling exhausted and super frazzled? Brain fog? Impatient? Nerves on end? It’s a sure sign the school year if nearly at its end and so are your energy levels!🥵🥵 It’s easy to underestimate just how challenging (and energy sapping) teaching kids a second language can be, right?! But then again there is no other more gratifying and fun job in the world.❤️ Saying [...]


New Kids English Theatre Certified Teachers

One of my favourite pics 🌺 from the last  teacher training course. Participants concluded the 3-Step program by learning how to stage and organise a performance with young English language learners. Scripts, costumes, props and make-up were a few of the many topics covered during the weekend. 🎊🎉Big congratulations🎊🎉 also go to the freshly qualified Kids English Theatre (Certified) Teachers who completed the program on Sunday with [...]


Crush the Fear of Speaking in English – ESL Drama

We are all afraid of something. 😱😨 Some people have a fear of flying, others a fear of snakes or spiders. ✈️🕷 I’m personally petrified of rollercoasters, parachuting and bungee jumping (not that I have ever done the last two … I’m too AFRAID!🤣) Research shows us that one of people’s top fears (way above bungee jumping) is speaking in public.🗣 I can believe it. I often [...]


20 Ways To Say Hello – ESL Drama Game

👋20 Ways To Say Hello👋 is a fun routine to open English sessions/Summer Camps and get children (ages 6+) focused and energised. 1) First, give each child one of the following greetings: ⭐️ Hello 🔹Hey, there! ⭐️Good Morning 🔹Good afternoon ⭐️Good evening 🔹Welcome ⭐️ Hi 🔹Great to see you ⭐️ What’s up? 🔹 What’s new? ⭐️ How are you? 🔹 G’ day ⭐️How’s tricks? 🔹Long time no see ⭐️How is it [...]