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  • Power up your teaching! Spark creativity, boost curiosity and be the teacher YOU want to be.
  • Here you’ll find a complete A to Z online training experience that will give you the practical know-how you need to teach preschoolers English through drama and creative play.
  • Whether you teach at school, in an afterschool program, or you’re just starting-up, HERE you’ll discover a treasure trove of tools that will change the way you teach forever!

Join the Preschool Playbox Teacher Training

If you speak English and love working with children, now is the time to maximize your skills and create new opportunities for yourself.











What is the Kids English Theatre Preschool Playbox Academy© ?

The Preschool Playbox is your all-in-one online course for mastering practical skills in teaching English to very young learners using our proven drama-based method.

If you're an experienced teacher, a school owner, or just starting out, and you're passionate about teaching children ESL (English as a Second Language) but feel overwhelmed with structuring lessons and integrating captivating resources, this program is for you!

It offers professional guidance to develop and shape your teaching skills from start to finish, providing an in-depth, comprehensive training experience that equips you with all you need.

The course is structured in 5 Steps over 5 weeks (plus an extra 5 weeks of review time) and follows

The Preschool Drama Playbox Roadmap©

The program is a combination of

  • pre-recorded "walk-through" video lessons
  • PDF resources
  • and weekly live sessions hosted by the course coach, Miranda Flynn Legge
  • It also includes a private Facebook pop-up group where members get exclusive access to-and guidance, mentorship and support from Miranda

The program is centred on an active training approach. Lessons are quick and easy to follow, tailored to facilitate and strengthen learning by using practical and clear demonstrations and examples. They’re designed specifically for super-busy teachers!

The focus is on providing clarity on how to organise and structure your lessons and creative, hands-on drama strategies you can combine with your English language teachings and put into practice straight away.

Our mission is to help you infuse theatrical play into your lessons and boost your students’ engagement and participation.

This proven content strategy and resources will help grow your confidence and save you much of the time and effort needed to learn the techniques solo.












Kids English Theatre Method©

The Kids English Theatre Method© is aimed at boosting child development in English as a Second Language (ESL) using theatre-based techniques.

Our unique method combines drama, movement, music, role-play, storytelling, language activities, puppetry, and performance to make English language learning a new and exciting experience for children of all ages and abilities.

Our focus is on creating confident language communicators.

Why Do I Need the "Preschool Playbox"?

Organising courses, planning, and diversifying lesson content for young children who can’t yet read or write is a real challenge that teachers face every day.

Preschoolers are naturally curious and love to explore, and experiment. But they have short attention spans which can make classroom management tricky.

The secret to teaching young children a second language is to organise lessons around what they enjoy most—play—and introduce a fresh curriculum that stimulates ALL their senses.

But where do you start?

And who has the time to constantly create tantalizing new lesson content when there are only so many hours in the day? You’re too busy teaching!

What happens is that teachers often resort to REUSING the same activities over and over. Done repeatedly, it becomes routine and switches children off from learning.

The Preschool Playbox© training course is designed to save you time and solve your lesson organisation and content struggles.


Here, you'll discover how a theatrical, multisensory approach has real advantages in strengthening communication skills.

Drama fosters active learning in the language classroom by encouraging children to express themselves through their bodies, voices, and emotions. It promotes teamwork and creative thinking in a pressure-free setting.

Whether it’s interpreting a fun story character, role-playing, singing a chant, or animating a puppet, students are able to memorize vocabulary and simple grammatical structures in a fast and natural way.

Through drama, children can grow their interpersonal and emotional skills and ultimately become confident language communicators – a valuable life skill.

In the Preschool Playbox Course, you’ll learn:

  • A content strategy plan. How to organise, structure and grow your preschool courses step by step. Including your first Mummy & Me Groups and present a program that will captivate your audience.
  • How to effectively kickstart your English lessons using creative play, movement and drama. You’ll gain access to a whole school year’s supply of proven icebreakers, warmers, and coolers that will keep your young students engaged month after month. Each walk-through video lesson will show you how to implement the activity and manage your class successfully.
  • Time management skills and how to create your course curriculum based on the Kids English Theatre Method© & Theatre Cake Lesson Plan©
  • How to awaken your mini students’ senses by bringing stories to life through theatrical storytelling, dramatization, role-play, Kamishibai, story boxes, sensory bags, storyboards, story aprons, and much more.
  • Proven classroom management strategies that create positive classroom energy, help you feel more confident and assertive.
  • The ins and outs of singing with ESL kids and how to appear like Pavarotti (even if you don’t feel like it inside).
  • Simple but powerful techniques on how to introduce puppetry in your class, including how to choose a classroom puppet assistant, operate it and bring it to life; activities to do with puppets; using shadow puppets and table top theatres in the classroom; how to make different puppets with students using household objects and a puppet theatre on a low budget; and CHANTS.
  • You'll learn practical skills for starting role-playing with preschoolers and incorporating props and costumes in the classroom. Additionally, we'll explore simple costume-making techniques and stage makeup.
  • Looking to jumpstart and grow your courses? Not sure how to find students, promote your classes, set prices, or even where to hold them? We’ll dive into overcoming those first hurdles of running your own English drama courses for preschoolers! Bite-sized lessons will walk you through from naming your courses to finding your first students, communicating with parents, and expanding your reach. Plus, you'll learn how to structure and deliver knockout demo lessons!

The Preschool Playbox© is designed to solve all your lesson planning struggles:

  • No more reusing the same old resources over and over
  • No more hours of searching randomly for ideas and guidance online
  • No more feeling overwhelmed and confused
  • No more feeling unsupported















Who is the Preschool Playbox for?

Seasoned  Language Teachers

You want to break-free from routine. You’re looking for structure, inspiration and  fresh ideas to combine with your existing skill set.

You want to master new techniques in drama and creative play to energize and stimulate your students and also gain more personal enjoyment and fulfilment.

Experienced  Language Teachers

You want to grow professionally and stand out from the rest.

You’re looking for clarity and direction. You want a proven content strategy plan that will take your teaching to the next level and a bumper supply of go-to activities that save you time and effort when preparing lessons.

Newbie Language Teachers

You want to get a head start in teaching preschoolers English through drama. You want to avoid the insecurity of starting alone or wasting time by learning through guess work or trial and error.

You want fast results and need step-by-step guidance and support in understanding the practicalities of teaching 4-6 year olds English through drama and play.












Who Participates?

kids english theatre

Our training course members are a diverse group of individuals from every corner of the world and all walks of life and experiences. They share one overarching goal: to make a difference in the lives of young language learners. Some are university graduates, some are native speakers, others are independent ESL (CELTA/TEFL) language teachers, nursery and primary school teachers, or language school directors/owners.

Some members have no English language teaching experience but still share similar attributes, such as having a full understanding of the English language and a love of working with children. These members understand the value of using drama to develop language abilities in children and are fully committed to making a difference.

Since 2017, hundreds of teachers from across the globe have attended Kids English Theatre© teacher training courses. Our teachers have come from France, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Tunisia, Bosnia, Japan,  China, Taiwan, Israel, Argentina, Austria, Turkey, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Slovenia, Hungary, India, Czech Republic, Philippines, Australia, USA, South Africa, UK, Switzerland, Slovakia, Chile, Uruguay, Armenia, South Korea, Mexico and Germany ­– and the numbers grow after each cycle.













This course is for you if:

  • You’re confused how to structure and organise your preschool courses
  • You’re having difficulty keeping your students focused and motivated
  • You’re overwhelmed and unclear how to manage your class
  • You struggle with lesson planning and spend hours searching randomly for ideas online
  • You want to enjoy your lessons more, feel inspired, let go of self-doubt and be the best teacher you can be

Who is the Program Not For?

This course is NOT for you:

If you’re looking for a traditional textbook-based learning experience  

This is not a chalk and talk program. It does not include text manuals or slide presentations.

Instead, it offers an active learning approach.

Course topics are supported by walk-through video demonstrations with Miranda and the K.E.T. Cut-Out-Kids.

We want to increase your learning power by showing you exactly WHAT and HOW to deliver each activity step-by-step, so you are clear and super confident when reproducing them in your own classes.

If you can’t dedicate your time and commitment

The 5-Week program is designed to deliver life-long teaching strategies, but it takes commitment to learn them. You will progress when you take action and put the techniques into practice.

Miranda’s weekly Live Mentoring Sessions will guide and support you throughout the course, but a key part of your theatrical journey is to take action and put the techniques into practice right away. This way, you'll make the progress you need, and you'll make it fast. If you feel you can't dedicate time to the course at this moment, we recommend waiting until your schedule is free.

The total course access duration is 10 weeks, comprising a 5-week course and an additional 5 weeks for review

Program Coach

Miranda Flynn Legge is an English through Drama expert and the founder of The Kids English Theatre Method©.

Miranda is a British actor and graduate of the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where she won a scholarship and was trained by prominent international directors and mentors including the world’s foremost voice coach, Patsy Rodenburg. She also shared studies with fellow actors Joseph Fiennes, Damien Lewis, Ewen McGregor, and Daniel Craig.

In 1995, Miranda emigrated to Italy and co-founded Catalyst Theatre Company in Florence. She also won a Prince's Trust award that same year to develop her work at an international level with Catalyst.

Furthermore Miranda is an accredited English language teacher with a CELTA Certificate from Cambridge University and has worked extensively teaching thousands of children of all ages and abilities.

With over 25 years’ experience working as a professional actor, English language teacher, and drama coach, Miranda has seen first-hand the real advantages that theatre techniques can offer English language learners.

In 2004, she created “Teatro Inglese Per Bambini©”, a unique English and theatre after-school program for children ages 4 to 10 based in Florence, Italy. Miranda established the first ever Mummy & Me & SuperStar groups in Italy to adopt the Kids English Theatre Method© .

Pic PC

"I believe that if a child’s first encounter with English is theatrical, active and fun, they will love language learning forever. This belief has been consolidated over the years by the parents and teachers that share with us how their children’s experience in our courses encourages them to be more expressive and confident communicating in English."

The Kids English Theatre Teacher Training Academy was founded in 2017. Since then, hundreds of language teachers from around the globe have completed K.E.T. Live & Online training courses.

Miranda's experience in teaching children using the Kids English Theatre Method© has shown her how children learn fastest and what they find most enjoyable.

All her drama activities, chants, role-plays, and stories have been researched and developed over the years. She constantly devises new activities to accompany the lessons, concocting new language games and elaborating comedy skits, puppet plays and chants.

Most importantly, all her exercises have been successfully tried and tested in the classroom. That’s why she can help you save time in structuring your lessons (using the Theatre Cake Lesson Plan™) and guide you to develop ideas that will make your lessons creative and engaging straight away.

Miranda also participates in national and international conferences and university seminars for nursery and primary school educators, where she coaches others on how to apply theatre techniques to teaching English.

What you'll find inside the Preschool Playbox©

preschool playbox landing page images (1920 × 1080 px) (1920 × 1080 px) (5)

The online Playbox program provides a complete training experience. You’ll be immersed in teaching young learners aged 4-6 years using theatre-based activities.

You'll follow the Preschool Playbox Roadmap©, which consists of 5 Key Step Modules. Pre-recorded Step Modules are released weekly to allow you to stay focused on one step each week and give you time to absorb and implement the content.

If you're busy teaching and happen to miss a step, don’t worry – you’ll have an extra 5 weeks after the course ends to review and catch up at your own pace.

The program is provided online through a members-only website platform. You can follow the syllabus remotely from the comfort of your own home and when it suits your schedule. It’s optimized for any mobile device, so you can also learn on the go.

Printable Teacher Resource Materials (PDF Files) are provided in each module step. They include: Flashcards, Reward Charts, Classroom Decor Posters, Cue Cards, Story Cards, Chants, Finger Puppets, Puppet & Play scripts, Lesson Topics, and Teacher Planner.

During the program, Miranda also hosts weekly Coaching Sessions in an exclusive Facebook members community where she mentors, guides, supports, and monitors the group’s daily progress and development.

The total course access duration is 10 weeks, comprising a 5-week course and an additional 5 weeks for review




Start Smart: This step focuses on how to set up your courses for success. You will establish how to organise your groups and discover the enormous benefits of creating and running Parent & Child sessions.

You will explore and develop practical ice-breaker activities to present to your first class. Powerful strategies in classroom management will also be developed to ensure your lessons run harmoniously.

You will also learn simple voice and body language techniques that will help you grow your confidence and allow you to connect and interact with children.



Drama Playtime: This step focuses on how to structure your lessons using the Theatre Cake Lesson Plan© and determine which topics to introduce throughout the year.

You’ll learn how to combine a myriad of stimulating “lesson openers”: movement/drama/play exercises with language learning to stir your students' emotions and boost their communication skills. The lessons have a strong focus on structured play and are aimed at strengthening vocabulary. They nurture and celebrate students’ memory recall, increase their concentration skills, and spark their imaginations.



Speak Explore: How do you introduce new vocabulary and simple grammatical structures when preschoolers don't yet know how to read and write?
This step is designed to give you a head-start in teaching English through language play. Here you will be introduced to multiple language exercises using visual aids, flashcards, musical instruments, and theatre props (all of which have been tried and tested in classrooms for their educational and fun factor).

They are unique, physically engaging, and textbook-free!

You’ll also study key elements of teaching preschoolers "action chants” and adopt theatrical techniques to stimulate children, help them learn fast, and express themselves vocally.



Storytelling & Puppet Magic: Storytelling with young language learners is different than storytelling with native speakers. The obvious reason is that foreign students often have limited or no understanding of English. Consequently, children easily become alienated and switch off from stories, especially tales that feature complex storylines, vocabulary, rhyming verses, or abstract illustrations.

This step develops in-depth storytelling techniques using drama and role-play and equips you with strategies to capture children’s curiosity and involvement.
Topics include: Storyboards, story-boxes, sensory bags, story massage, story dramatization, and the art of teaching using Kamishibai Theatre.

In this step, you’ll also explore multiple practical ideas on how to creatively integrate puppets and puppet theatre into lessons. Children are naturally drawn to puppets and engage with them spontaneously without inhibitions. Puppets, therefore, are an invaluable tool for teaching young learners, especially those who are shy or reluctant.



Organise & Shine: You may think that launching your own after-school English through Drama courses is a costly business. Finding and renting a school every year, purchasing furniture and materials, and paying for expensive publicity ads is expensive. So is finding ways to attract your first students to sign up to your courses. It can all be very daunting and discouraging.
Learning through trial and error can be frustrating, time-wasting, and a drain on your pocketbook.
But there is an easier way. This step has been created to give you peace of mind when developing the right skills and show you simple, cost-effective ways to organise or expand your own courses straight away. Plus, you'll learn how to structure and deliver knockout demo lessons!

N.B. This course does not involve bureaucratic issues relating to course set-up.

These course tools will revolutionise your teaching. They will leave you super confident and clear on using drama and creative play to teach English

Are you ready to turbocharge your ESL teaching?

Join us to unlock an exciting world of interactive language learning!  


Frequently Asked Questions

Student Spotlight Stories


My name is Alice, I’m an independent English teacher in the north of Italy. I first discovered Miranda and her training two years ago. At the time I was teaching in schools, I was already implementing some drama in my lessons, wanting to do more - but I had no idea how to do it. That’s why I decided to take part in the 5 days live training in Florence, which was, professionally speaking, one of the best experiences ever. However, at the time I was 7 months pregnant and Covid had already arrived, which made it difficult to follow as I would have wanted.

I was more than happy when I found out that Miranda was offering the online academy.
I could follow the lessons whenever I could and with my own rhythm, taking the time I needed to “digest” each and every single idea.

If two years ago I had no (or little) idea on how to implement drama in the English language lesson, I now know how to plan entire lessons using drama.

What surprised me the most is the fact that the training gives an all-around preparation. It doesn’t matter if you start from zero, or if you’re an experienced teacher: you will still find a treasure.

I have also met some amazing teachers from all over the world, such motivated and creative people - we still organise zoom calls every two weeks to keep up to date and to exchange creative ideas.

I fulfilled my dream of organising my own after school private courses, which allows me to spend more time with my family. My way of teaching has completely changed since, in a good way. I’m just having the greatest fun, and students are too. They are learning without even realising it, and they are leaving the class jumping around with a big smile.

Alice Rigotti


My name is Georgia Pieri and I have been teaching English for 22 years. For the last 17 years I have had my own private institute in Cyprus, Nicosia. I am a teacher who really loves working with children of all ages but especially children 4-10 years old. I love exploring language and adopting new teaching methods and techniques.

I saw the Online Academy last year and I really adored the professionalism and the spark in Miranda’s eyes when she was giving her amazing ideas on her videos, so I decided to join the Academy. I really loved the programme and I want to attend all the future events created by the Online Academy.

Before I joined in the course, one ‘particular’ challenge I was facing was the fact that I didn’t know what steps to follow in order to organise my lessons and I wasn’t confident at all in storytelling and puppetry. Now I am confident enough to do it and I am grateful for getting into this amazing course.

My classes are now enjoyable, fun, creative and children are asking for more drama games in EFL. I got a thousand ideas that I can adjust to any level and I even got ideas to organise my own events like a birthday party or a carnival party, etc.

My teaching has changed overall as now I am able to teach children from 4 years old in an engaging, fun and communicative way as I carry a huge range of activities in my English teaching suitcase.

I highly recommend teaching Online Academy as it has been the best and the most educational training I have received in years.

Georgia Pieri


I had never done any course before (never found anything that caught my eye, that I felt was something for me, they all look the same actually). And then, I don’t like using the word accidentally because I believe it was rather destiny, I found Miranda’s Facebook page.

This course came at the PERFECT time, when I was a bit down after the long lockdown months, it gave me a huge KICK, positive kick of energy and motivation and creativity and theatricality.

I absolutely love that sensation when I discover something new and my eyes sparkle and I bounce like a little pea (that was when I watched the storytelling step with teapot stories and kamishibai). Miranda made me feel like a child again.

Okay, I’m getting too emotional, let me write a list otherwise I will never finish this mail:

The online Kids English Theatre course:

1. It turned upside down my teaching world filling it with bright new sparkling ideas that I tested straight away on my little and big students and it worked out PEFECTLY!

2. The course is really well structured, following the steps helped me grow my knowledge and confidence gradually

3. It's such a pleasure to learn from someone who is so passionate about her job and so generous

4. I don’t know what magic Miranda used but she has woken a giant in me: a love for puppets!

Miranda ALWAYS answered my messages, even on Sundays. The course was maybe online but it made me think she was right next to me.  She gave us so much of her time (zoom meetings, messenger, Facebook lives, Saturday Q&A sessions....), much more than what was written in the description of the course

5. It's actually the only course I needed: I received practical knowledge: how to structure my lessons, examples of games, sketches, PDF printables, everything a teacher needs in a nutshell, even a teacher with a long work experience will definitely find something exciting in this course.

6. I made new friends with people around the world who share the same teaching passion. and we continue to work, exchange and grow together even if the course is over! So the story goes on. Let's say this course was a sparkle... no, not only a sparkle, let's say this course lit fire and it's my job, our job as teachers, to spread it. there you go.

Agnieszka Waskovit


I have really enjoyed this online course. I was looking for a course that would give me motivation, new ideas and a new way of teaching.

This course offered all of that. I love teaching, but before the course I was feeling a little stale and really needed something to change. This course helped me achieve this.

It helped me become a better teacher, gave me confidence in myself, made feel at ease and comfortable and not afraid to try new ways, being more theatrical. It has really changed my way of teaching and my life. I am excited to go to work and have already seen a difference in the children after my lessons, they are happy, excited and speaking in English.

I'm so thankful for this course and for you, Miranda. You have really changed my way of teaching English for the better and so excited for my new future in being theatrical

Paddy Jackson

marianna esposito

It has been a great and enjoyable adventure for me. From a professional point of view, I can say that I have learnt a lot, in particular I feel now much more comfortable in planning my activities and lessons...the messy and confused ideas and activities that I had before, have a shape now, a structure.

You gave us not only your experience and your knowledge but also a scheme on which we can work to create and elaborate our ideas...in one word I have got a method now!

From a humanely point of view I appreciated the progressive sharing of ideas and experiences among the group members, the supporting spirit we had and your professional way to support us, to boost our personality and confidence without forcing, but constantly supervising and being present with your support and precious suggestions.

...This morning I came back to my 5 years classes. We reviewed weather vocabulary with the pocket cube, practicing all together the question “what’s the weather like”, then slow reveal game and fast pop-up and finally we played uncover the card…. The whole lesson was a hit!!! It worked so well that children started crying at the end of the lesson and they told me that they had never had so much fun before…..THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH...

Marianna Esposito

alice lembo (1)

Now that I finished the course I can honestly say that I got so much more than what I expected! Right from the start I felt like Miranda opened the doors of her creativity, of her experience and of her whole teaching world to me, and this is priceless to me, I felt Miranda was really connected to us, as individuals, and not merely as students of a teacher training course.

This course has made a difference to me in so many ways, one of them is the fact that I could start putting in practice Miranda’s suggestions and her theatrical methods right away in my online classes.

That was possible because she taught us how to be flexible and during the Q&A lives she showed us in practice how to adapt her activities to make them suitable for online lessons. And all of my online students saw the difference and started to enjoy the lessons so much more!

I’m also recording different video lessons based on stories and nursery rhymes that I represent with my cardboard puppet theatre and I’m about to record a series of videos on classic stories using different storytelling techniques learnt in the course.

I could go on and on telling you about how many things I Iearnt and enjoyed in this course, but I'm afraid my email would become too long …

So, I'm going to mention a few topics that were of great help to me and that have changed my teaching approach:

- Classroom management and how to use rewards

- How to go out of my comfort zone and create my own chant

- How to use creative and active Storytelling methods (I enjoyed every single one of them and my goal is to try them all in the following months)

- How to create theatrical props from scratch in a few minutes and how to use them in the lesson

- How to give life to our puppets by giving them a personality and believing and loving them...

and so, so many others...but most of all , the greatest lesson I learnt and that I also mentioned in one of my comments on the FB group is this:

I learnt that being a teacher is all about real connection, about passion, about humour, about laughing at ourselves and laughing with our students and having fun together while learning.I learnt that this is the key to a successful and enjoyable teaching career️ that's what I'm going to take with me and to cherish for the rest of my teaching life.

Alice Lembo

thumbnail PRESCHOOL courses (1)

Online Academy Members Area

  • Exclusive Access to 5-Step Video Modules Released Weekly to help you stay motivated and consistent
  • 115 PLUS Video Lessons and Demonstrations
  • Teacher Resource Materials (Printable PDF Files) - Classroom Decorations, Flashcards, Reward Charts, Cue Cards, Story Cards, Chants, Finger Puppets, Puppet Play scripts, Lesson Plan Structure, and Topics List, Teacher Planner and more
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A and Mentoring Sessions where Miranda Flynn Legge gives support and follows group progress and development
  • Exclusive Access to the Online Members' Community, away from the noise and distractions of the web - where you have the opportunity to meet like-minded teachers from around the world, share progress and get support
  • Total 10- Week Program Access
  • Access to Member Area from PC, Tablet, Smart Phone, Smart TV and Iphone App

Will this program work for me?

“How is this program different from others?”

  • The Kids English Theatre Method© is a formula that provides you with a unique skillset and mindset you won’t find anywhere else.
  • It gives you fresh perspectives on teaching young learners and unlocks the secrets of using theatre-based activities in the classroom.
  • The content strategy, drama and language exercises, chants, role-plays, stories, and puppetry included in the program are based on 25 years of hands-on teaching experience and have been researched, devised, and developed specifically for ESL preschoolers by Miranda Flynn Legge. PLUS, they’ve all been tried and tested in class!

“There is already so much free language teaching content available online”

Yes, true! But so much of that free content can be overwhelming and it can be confusing to know where or how to start structuring your lessons.
This online Preschool Playbox cuts out the guessing work and gives you a fast track roadmap to teaching English through Drama and play.
We provide you with:
  • core skills
  • structure and lesson plan content
  • PLUS we show you step-by-step HOW to implement these skills with your little students.
The Preschool Playbox is not an online course, where you're left to study alone, it’s a coach-led program with live sessions and Q&As, and a supportive community of like-minded teachers from around the world.
Miranda is present in every step for guidance, to help you apply the course material and give you the accountability you need to get fast results.

“What if I’m busy and don’t have time to follow the program?”

After the completion of the 5-week program, you’ll have 5 extra weeks to study the entire course at your own pace. You'll have a total of 10 weeks access to the program.


What Teachers Say About Kids English Theatre Training Courses

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Online Academy Member Comments

...The whole course was one of the best experiences of my life.

It helped me feel even more confident as a teacher and for sure it will be a never ending and fruitful inspiration for my teaching future.

Thank you, Miranda, for making it possible for us and all of you wonderful teachers for sharing the experience with you.

~ Anna Brudkiewicz (Poland)

…Can you imagine my excitement when I read your email about an online training academy?

Now I have finished the course I feel blessed to be part of your academy with other teachers! Miranda I have to say you are one of a kind. So generous, supportive, polite, funny and most of all professional! I learnt so many things and I became more confident and much more creative! I can’t thank you enough!!

~ Helen Dougekou (Greece) 

Thank you so much Miranda Legge for taking us by the hand going together you on an exciting journey of theatricality. I am grateful to have been part of it! Big hugs from Mexico.

~ Anja Schwarzbach (Mexico)

The course was such a life changer for me 

I didn’t have the possibility to attend the course in Italy in the past so I was so happy to see Miranda opening an online edition! And for sure I’m going to be there in Florence when it’s finally possible! It was also so fantastic and motivating at the same time to see so many people with that great energy for teaching.

~ Anna Bekier (Poland)

Thank you so much Miranda Legge for the amazing gift of your knowledge and the experience and thank you all of you lovely teachers for giving me again hope there is a cure for monolingualism! And that is through drama,as our great teacher says: be theatrical.

~ Inés A. McCahearty

Miranda, you are one of a kind. Your professionalism is admirable and your zest is contagious.

I would gladly redo your course again and again!

Thank you for making me a member of this wonderful theatrical family along with so many creative colleagues from all over the world.

~ Evi Karydi (Greece)

I started using the Kids English Theatre method this summer, right after I completed the course, and I have to say it has been a huge success 🙂
Many of the kids who attended in the summer are now signing up for our after school courses.

I've had trial lessons with 4-5 and 6-7 year-olds this week which were really successful so now I'm about to start planning my lessons with them.


~ Zdravka Georgieva (Bulgaria)


















Still have questions?

I have never taught children before

We are strong advocates of learning by doing, and all our participants actively take part in our Online and Live Training Programs. We know that the prospect of teaching children can be overwhelming. This is why we start by providing practical demonstrations on how to teach and interact with children of all ages. You’ll also be given opportunities throughout each program to practice what you learn, which will help you build confidence and provide a starting point from which you can also develop ideas of your own.

How can I teach children English through drama if I’m not an actor?

You do not need to be an actor to teach using the Kids English Theatre Method©. The purpose of The Kids English Theatre Method© is not to turn you into a budding Hollywood star but to show you that by learning and adapting simple drama techniques you can interact, connect with, and energize children and make your English lessons original, fun, active and exciting. In other words, you can make an impact in a child’s life while doing something you enjoy. It’s a win-win arrangement.

I’m not native English- I can’t compete with native English speakers

It is surprising to know that many native-speaking teachers are only formally trained to teach adults and have little or no experience in teaching young children. Once you’ve completed the Preaschool Playbox, you’ll be able to apply a multitude of dynamic and unique skills dedicated specifically to teaching young children English using drama.

What can I do once I’ve completed a Kids English Theatre© Training Course?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Organise your own after-school English Drama courses
  • Organise English Drama Summer Camps
  • Offer extracurricular English Drama courses to schools, playgroups, theatre companies, or cultural associations
  • Work from home or offer courses in other people’s homes
  • Organise English Drama birthday parties
  • Offer English Drama courses at hotels, campsites, recreational centres, or even cruise ships!

Is Kids English Theatre – Teacher Training Course a franchise?

We are not a franchise.
We are an independent company with a global reputation, established to share The Kids English Theatre Method© and help language teachers become the best they can be.

We offer a proven teaching method that works! It works because children love it, and parents and teachers see fast and long-lasting results.

I have small children of my own and need to teach from home

The Kids English Theatre Method© is ideal for teachers with young children. It allows them to create their own informal play groups and teach kids – including your children – from your home or a friend’s home.

What’s best about following a Kids English Theatre Online Program?

  • It provides you with a lifelong education in innovative teaching methods
  • You’ll become a unique language and drama teacher
  • You’ll make long-lasting positive impacts in children’s lives.

What Teachers Say About the Online Academy

More Teacher Comments

My trial lesson for a mini-group went great, kids had fun and were amazed by all the activities!! I followed the trial lesson plan which you gave us. And they want to continue with the whole 3 months´s course!

I am so grateful and happy that I could be part of this amazing course! For me, it was the best investment ever. I just love the way you teach kids, your ideas, energy and enthusiasm. And that is highly infectious.

And I am so happy that I´m already involving the theatrical ideas from our course into practice (for now only for individual online lessons), but 4.10 I´m starting my first mini-group offline. Hurray!!!

~ Tatàna Navrkalovà (Czech Republic)

The most amazing, hands on, practical and informative teacher training that I have ever participated in. Miranda not only knows her stuff but is so willing to share. I feel I have been given permission to "shine". Thank you 🙂

~ Tory Chavand 

You have exceeded my expectations. So skilled, clear, professional, emphatic, energetic, joyful, lively and inspiring. Thanks again for the awesome training week. Keep us updated for what’s next. 😘 all the best 💪🏻

~ Nadia Marangon  

Is it even worth doing for the second time ? Absolutely yes 👍👍I DID 😊😊thank you Miranda 😘

~ Valeria Spreafico

Thank you Miranda ❤️The support and the knowledge you gave to us was miracle and amazing love u so much

~ Manjula Lelwala 

 Amazing experience!!!!! Loved every bit of it!! Thank you Miranda for sharing your theatrical expertise!!!💗

~ Jane Pansalfini

Thank YOU Miranda for being so motivating! You’ve inspired us all and as far as I’m concerned it was the most “intensive” week of my life, but I’d do it again starting next Monday 😂
I’m missing you already and I feel blessed for having been part of this incredible experience ❤️

~ Sara Di Crescenzio

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Kids English Theatre Preschool Drama Playbox

Enrollments Open: March 11th - 16th 2024

Course Start Date: Monday 18, March 2024

2024 Exclusive Special Offer 50% Discount (Full Price Euro 1.140)

Euro 570 (+ VAT / TAX if due)
  • Exclusive Access to 5-Step Video Modules Released Weekly
  • 115 PLUS Video Demonstration Lessons
  • Teacher Resource Materials (Printable PDF Files) Including Flashcards, Reward Charts, Classroom Decor,Cue Cards, Story Cards, Chants, Finger Puppets, Puppet Scripts, Lesson Plan Structure, Teacher Planner.
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A and Mentoring Sessions where Miranda Flynn Legge guides, supports and monitors group progress and development
  • Exclusive Access to the Online Members' Community, away from the noise and distractions of the web. The private Facebook Group is a place where you can meet like-minded teachers from around the world, share your progress, and get support.
  • Total 10- Week Program Access
  • Access to Member Area from PC, Tablet or Smart Phone
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