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What is the Kids English Theatre Method©?

The Kids English Theatre Method© boosts child development in English as a Second Language (ESL) using theatre-based techniques.

Our unique method combines drama, movement, music, role-play, storytelling, language activities, puppetry, and performance to make English language learning a new and exciting experience for children of all ages and abilities.

Our focus is on creating confident language communicators.

You’re in right place if:

  • You’re confused how to plan and organise your lessons
  • You’re having difficulty keeping your students focused and motivated
  • You’re overwhelmed and unclear how to manage your class
  • You want to enjoy your lessons more and be the best teacher you can be

What is Kids English Theatre Method© Teacher Training Academy?

We offer intensive teacher training programs (Online & Face-to-Face) designed specifically for native and non-native English speakers who have a good knowledge of English and a strong motivation to teach children but need professional guidance and assistance to develop and shape their teaching skills.


Programs are open to both professional and non-professional teachers of English. They provide simple step-by-step practical strategies on how to successfully teach young learners through drama.

In the courses, participants study and practice in-depth key aspects of how to teach young learners aged 3-10 years using the Kids English Theatre Method©.

Through our Teacher Training Programs, you’ll discover how to become a confident, creative, and engaging communicator of English. You’ll also learn proven techniques that will energize your lessons, make your teaching fun and rewarding, and above all, ensure that your students learn English quickly.

Our practical, clear, and well-structured courses allow even less-experienced participants to develop core skills in using drama to teach English to young learners.

Why use drama to teach English as a Second Language?

Curiosity is a compelling quality that all children possess. Curiosity drives children to learn, explore, and experiment with everything that surrounds them. This is the main reason why they make ideal language learners.

The secret to teaching a second language is to fuel that curiosity and keep it burning brightly.

This is not always easy, particularly because children have short attention spans and difficulty focusing for long periods.

A theatrical, multisensory approach has real advantages in stimulating young learners’ curiosity, maintaining their focus, and strengthening their communication skills.

Drama fosters active learning in the language classroom by encouraging children to express themselves through their bodies, voices, and emotions. It promotes teamwork and creative thinking in a pressure-free setting and allows students to try new things in English without feeling judged or tested.


Whether it’s interpreting a fun character, acting out a sketch, singing a chant, or animating a puppet, students can memorize vocabulary and grammatical structures in a fast and natural way.

Through drama, children can also grow their interpersonal and emotional skills and ultimately become confident language communicators – a valuable life skill.

About the Coach

Miranda Flynn Legge is an English through Drama expert and the founder of The Kids English Theatre Method©.

Miranda is a British actor and graduate of the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where she won a scholarship and was trained by prominent international directors and mentors including the world’s foremost voice coach, Patsy Rodenburg. She also shared studies with fellow actors: Joseph Fiennes, Damien Lewis, Ewen McGregor and Daniel Craig.

In 1995 Miranda emigrated to Italy and co-founded Catalyst Theatre Company in Florence. She also won the Prince's Trust award that same year to develop her work at an international level with Catalyst.

Furthermore Miranda is an accredited English language teacher with a CELTA Certificate from Cambridge University and has worked extensively teaching thousands of children of all ages and abilities.

With over 25 years’ experience working as a professional actor, English teacher and drama coach, Miranda has seen first-hand the real advantages that theatre techniques present to English language learners.


In 2004, she created “Teatro Inglese Per Bambini©”, a unique English and theatre after-school program for children ages 4 to 10 and established the first ever Mummy & Me and SuperStar groups in Italy to adopt the Kids English Theatre Method©.

Miranda now directs Kids English Theatre© teacher trainings and also holds national and international conferences and university seminars for nursery and primary school educators, where she coaches how to apply theatre techniques to teaching English.

More English please… but made fun!

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for English language and theatre courses aimed at preschool and primary school children. Parents are seeing the enormous benefits that drama and active English language learning have on young children and the alternative after school courses which focus specifically on learning through fun and active play.

Here, lies the problem – As it stands today, there are simply not enough trained children’s English & Drama teachers to meet the high demand.

What are the main characteristics you need to teach English through Drama?

  • You speak English well and want to use your language skills to help otherss
  • You love working with children
  • You're enthusiastic, outgoing, creative, enjoy singing and acting, and have a positive outlook and a playful spirit
  • You're interested in creating work opportunities for yourself

If you feel you have some or all of these characteristics, we invite you to discover what The Kids English Theatre Method© and Teacher Training Academy can offer you.

Kids English Theatre

What you’ll learn in Kids English Theatre© Programs:

  • How to Implement your communication skills: Body language strategies, voice techniques, the role of humour and playfulness, effective classroom management skills
  • Creative Teaching: How to structure lessons and incorporate language play and drama techniques.
  • Songs, chants and rhymes: Using music effectively in the classroom to help students learn fast and express themselves orally.
  • Storytelling, and role play: In-depth techniques and authentic resources to capture student’s curiosity.
  • Puppetry: Practical strategies on how to integrate puppets creatively into activities, songs, stories, and plays.
  • How to stage a play: Themes, script writing, rehearsals, costume making, make-up, sets, props, and more.
  • Growing your courses: How to publicize and organize your own English through Drama Courses.

Who can participate in our programs?

You don’t have to be a native English speaker or trained teacher or need previous acting experience or familiarity working with children to participate.

Our training program participants are a diverse group of individuals from every corner of the world and all walks of life and experiences. They share one overarching goal: to make a difference in the lives of children.

Some participants are university graduates, some are native speakers, others are ESL (CELTA /TEFL ) language teachers, nursery and primary school teachers, private school owners, or franchise owners.

Some participants have no formal English or drama training but share similar attributes such as a full understanding of the English language and a love of working with children. These participants understand the importance of using drama, music, and play to develop language abilities in children and are fully committed to making a difference in their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you hold the teacher trainings?

Our programs are held both ONLINE and LIVE (face-to-face)

Our LIVE courses are generally held in Florence, Italy. Check out our next ONLINE and LIVE training events here. Or become a friend on Facebook. We’ll keep you updated on where our next teacher training course will take place.

I’ve never taught children before

We are strong advocates of learning by doing, and all our participants actively take part in our Online and Live Training Programs. We know that the prospect of teaching children can be overwhelming. This is why we start by providing practical demonstrations on how to teach and interact with children of all ages. You’ll also be given opportunities throughout each program to practice and be critiqued on what you learn, which will help you build confidence and provide a starting point from which you can develop ideas of your own.

How can I teach children English through drama if I’m not an actor?

You do not need to be an actor to teach using the Kids English Theatre Method©. The purpose of The Kids English Theatre Method© is not to turn you into a budding young thespian but to show you that by learning and adapting simple drama techniques you can interact, connect with, and energize children and make your English lessons original, fun, active and exciting. In other words, you can make an impact in a child’s life while doing something you enjoy. It’s a win-win arrangement.

I’m not native English! I can’t compete with native English speakers

It is surprising to know that many ESL native-speaking teachers are only formally trained to teach adults and have little or no experience in teaching young children. Once you’ve completed the Kids English Theatre© Teacher Training Program, you’ll be able to apply a multitude of dynamic and unique skills dedicated specifically to teaching young children English using theatre.

What qualification do I obtain by completing the Online or LIVE training program?

Participants who complete our training courses receive a Kids English Theatre© Teacher Training Certificate of Completion.

What can I do once I’ve completed a Kids English Theatre© Training Course?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Organise your own after-school English Drama courses
  • Organise English Drama Summer Camps
  • Offer extracurricular English Drama courses to schools, playgroups, theatre companies, or cultural associations
  • Work from home or offer courses in other people’s homes
  • Organise English Drama birthday parties 
  • Offer English Drama courses at hotels, campsites, recreational centres, or even cruise ships!
Is Kids English Theatre Method© and Teacher Training a franchise?

We are not a franchise.
We are an independent company with a global reputation, established to share The Kids English Theatre Method© and help language teachers become the best they can be.

We offer a proven teaching method that works! It works because children love it, and parents and teachers see fast and long-lasting results.

I have small children of my own and need to teach from home

The Kids English Theatre Method© is ideal for teachers with young children. It allows them to create their own informal play groups and teach kids – including your children – from your home or a friend’s home.

What can you offer me that I can’t teach myself or find on the internet?

While there is a wealth of information for English teachers on the internet, you can only find the Kids English Theatre Method© here. It’s a structured and innovative way to build opportunities for yourself that you otherwise might not have considered while positively making a long-lasting impact on the life of a child.

Our pluriannual experience in teaching children using the Kids English Theatre Method© has shown us how children learn best, how they learn fastest, and what they find most enjoyable.

All of our drama games, chants, role-plays, and stories have been researched and developed over the years. We constantly devise and experiment with new ideas and activities to accompany lessons, concoct new language games, and come up with new comedy skits, plays, and puppet scripts.

Most importantly, our exercises have been successfully tried and tested in classrooms. Therefore, we can help you save time on structuring your lessons, balance your activities and guide you to develop ideas that will make your lessons creative and successful straight away.

Can you offer me a job after I have completed the training course?

We do not promote or offer any employment. We offer training courses and a like-minded community of teachers to help enrich your English Drama teaching skills and professionalism in working with children.

What’s best about following a Kids English Theatre© Course?
  • It provides you with a lifelong education in innovative teaching methods
  • You’ll become a unique language and drama teacher
  • You’ll make long-lasting positive impacts in children’s lives.


What participants say about Kids English Theatre Teacher Training Programs

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Who Participates in Kids English Theatre© Programs?

Since 2017, hundreds of teachers from across the globe have attended Kids English Theatre© teacher training courses. Our teachers have come from France, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Tunisia, Bosnia, China, Taiwan, Israel, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Slovenia, India, Philippines, Australia, USA, UK, Switzerland, Slovakia, Chile, Uruguay, Armenia, and Germany ­– and the numbers grow after each cycle.

Kids English Theatre
Kids English Theatre
Kids English Theatre
Kids English Theatre

Create new opportunites for yourself doing what you love!

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