Teaching English Step by Step – Puppet by Puppet

Clara, how old are you? (no response) Clara , what’s your favourite colour? (no response) Clara, come and play. (no response) Clara let’s sing! (no response) Dance? (no response) Jump? (no response) Wiggle? (no response) Try this …give it a go…with me? (no, no and NO response) Over the past 25 years, I have taught adults, teenagers and children. By far, children are the most [...]


Don’t teach if you can’t swim – the challenges of teaching children ESL

Ever had a lesson that’s gone miserably wrong? Ever seen children clambering over each other to get out of your class as fast as possible? I have. Just between you and me, I’ve suffered quite a few flunked lessons and gone home feeling guilty and irritable - wondering what I was doing so wrong. I would blame myself … “I should know better- I’m a [...]


Good News Bad News – Teach English with Stories #2

Good News Bad News by By Jeff Mack is a story about a Rabbit who invites his friend Mouse for a picnic. Events take a turn for the worse when it starts pouring with rain. Can Rabbit’s positiveness turn a potentially disastrous day into a happy ending....? If you’re looking for a beautifully illustrated and language- friendly storybook for your next English session Good News [...]


Lotto Game to Teach Children English

A simple Lotto Game to help young children review and practice adjectives and nouns. Suitable for one-to-one or small groups. When parents ask me what language learning activities to do with their young children at home, I often suggest Lotto / Bingo games. They’re active and fun and help boost children’s comprehension and verbal skills. Game rules are also super simple – ideal if you're [...]