Times are changing for TimeOut

A few years ago "timeout” was considered a successful approach to managing children’s misbehaviour. Now it looks like time’s up for timeout! There’s a debate currently going on about classroom management in UK pre-schools and whether to ban the word “naughty” and the idea of using the “naughty step” which has negative connotations and instead use a more holistic approach. Effective classroom management is key [...]


How to Connect with Young Language Learners

When I first started teaching young learners my main concern was not being able to connect with them. 😵I was young at the time, I had no experience teaching children and I felt self-conscious and wooden communicating with them. But, as soon as I let myself go and entered “kids kingdom” I really started enjoying myself - so much so that I never went back [...]


How to teach children English with Drama – Classroom Management TIPS// Kids English Theatre

Classroom management is a challenge most teachers face on a daily basis and the thought of bringing added excitement, fun and games into class and encouraging children to move and express themselves freely (dancing, singing, playing and acting) can be a little overwhelming for some teachers who feel their classes are already a handful as it is!😵 Effective classroom management is possible and it starts [...]


Teach Children English with Drama Ice-breakers // Kids English Theatre

Looking for fresh ideas to teach young language learners? Try using drama to break the ice with a new group. Drama encourages children of all levels and abilities to join in and try new things. Drama: - Surprises - Motivates - Involves - Breaks the ice - Introduces new language - Makes learning fun and memorable Resources: FREE E-Book “Teach Children English Through Drama- 4 [...]


The secret to teaching children English

If you have an after-school program or you’re planning on opening one soon - one of the biggest challenges you’ll probably face is getting new students to enrol. Years ago, when I first started teaching children in Italy it was simple and effortless getting new students mainly because there were few (if any) after school language programs in town specifically dedicated to children. It was [...]


ESL Drama Game – Flashcard Limbo Dance

Children get restless and fidgety when they have to sit still for long periods of time, especially around this time of year. The ⚡️Flashcard Limbo Dance⚡️ is an ideal way to revise vocab and get children physically active and emotionally engaged learning and speaking in English🇬🇧 Materials needed: - A Bamboo stick (alternatively: broom stick, elastic or rope) - Flashcards (animals, colours, rooms of the house, clothes, [...]