Kids English TheatreTeller© and Teacher Toolkit

A playful companion to teaching children English through Drama


Kids English TheatreTeller© and Teacher Toolkit

Power up your lessons with this custom designed teaching tool - exclusive to Kids English Theatre© LIVE training participants

The Kids English TheatreTeller© & Teacher Toolkit is unique to K.E.T....

devised to transform language learning into a playful and theatrical adventure for young children.

Kids English TheatreTeller© is a versatile teaching resource- ideal for storytelling, puppet play, songs and games. It is made from lightweight sturdy cardboard, compact and easily transportable to lessons. It’s the Kids English Theatre© top teaching tool for teachers on the go!


Theatre Transforms Stories

The Kids English TheatreTeller© takes inspiration from traditional puppet theatre and the ancient Japanese art of storytelling called Kamishibai.

It captures children’s attention, opens their imaginations and turns stories into magical learning experiences.

Kids English TheatreTeller©
encourages you to be the best storyteller you can be. It propels you to take centre stage, be adventurous, creative and perform stories rather than simply reading from a storybook. Stories truly come alive when you act them out and this unique resource allows you to stand up, move around and fully engage with your audience using your eye contact, voice, emotions and body language.

You’ll soon notice that by adopting the Kids English TheatreTeller© young language learners will understand stories better in English, remain focused for longer and learn the new language easier.

Measurements: (Open) 55cm height x 80cm width
(Closed) 55cm height x 40cm width

The Teacher's Guidebook...

is a treasure-chest of ideas and tips aimed at helping you successfully teach young learners (4-10 years of age) through theatre, puppetry, fun and games.


It provides simple, hands-on solutions on how to:

  • Use the Kids English TheatreTeller© and incorporate the teaching resources provided in the paper play toolkit
  • Transform stories into theatrical experiences for young language learners
  • Plan lessons constructively using objectives and strategies
  • Break the ice and open children up to the joys of working with theatre and active language learning
  • Build positive group co-operation and collaboration
  • Keep young learners motivated and focused so they can learn English to the best of their abilities.

All activities and ideas included have been tried and tested hundreds of times and are based on 20+ years of first-hand teaching experience.

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Theatre-Teller© Story Card Sets

Do you find it difficult getting your students emotionally connected to a story and actively engaged?

Are you having problems finding suitable stories for non-native learners? Ones that don’t contain complex vocabulary, rhyming verses or abstract illustrations that confuse your students and make them switch off.

Look no further…

These colourful story- card sets (to be used together with the Kids English TheatreTeller©) are a storyteller’s dream!

Kids English Theatre

In each toolkit there are three, simple story sets that aim to free you from boring book readings and kick start your storytelling skills.

Each story set contains 10 cards. Scripts can be found on the reverse side of each story card and used as prompts by the storyteller. Stories are based on well-known tales and adapted to suit young language learners. They are short, simple and use clear illustrations to support children’s comprehension.

Each story card set is numbered and has coloured borders to help you organise and sequence stories quickly at the beginning of sessions.

Create a theatrical adventure. Start by placing a set of 10 story cards along the tracks at the back of your Kids English TheatreTeller©. As you narrate the story, slowly pull out a card to reveal a new scene for each part of the story and let the fun begin!

Story-card tips and role-play ideas included in the Teacher's Guide Book.

Finger Puppets

Finger Puppetry; Storytelling at your fingertips! An exciting way to teach a language

Introducing three colourful finger puppet sets based on popular fairy tales. Designed to lift tales off the page and transform them into engaging mini performances. These paper puppets get noticed!

Motivate your students, get them involved in puppetry and help them overcome their shyness by letting them speak , sing and play-act through these enchanting characters.
Storytelling has never been so much fun.
Tips and games included in the Teacher's Guide book.

Kids English Theatre

Reward Stickers

Are you looking for a powerful incentive to motivate your students and reinforce positive behaviour?

Say goodbye to classroom management issues with the K.E.T. custom-designed reward stickers and charts. They’re a must-have teaching tool that will be a hit with your students.

K.E.T. reward stickers and reward charts are a tangible celebration of a job well done.

Finish every session by rewarding children for their efforts. This will boost their self-esteem and motivate them to do more than what is expected. Each week children choose a different sticker and add it to their personal sticker chart. A special big sticker can be awarded to a superstar student of the week.

Reward Sticker Charts

Included in each pack: 635 Reward Stickers
60 Superstar Special Stickers

Kids English Theatre

SuperStar Award Certificates

30 dazzling certificates of accomplishment included in each pack.

Recognize your student’s hard work and efforts and make them feel super special with a certificate. Imagine how delighted your students will be upon the completion of a course when they take home the top Superstar Award.

SuperStar Award Certificates


Flashcards Theatre and play provide ideal instruments in helping children focus their energies and improve their communication skills by learning actively and creatively.

These colourful K.E.T. drama flashcards are perfect in helping children (especially those who cannot yet read or write) learn and memorise new vocabulary in a natural and fun way, giving plenty of opportunities for practice and repetition.

Kids English Theatre

There are 50 illustrated flashcards (printed on durable card) included in each toolkit:

  • Set 1 - 10 Question Cue-Cards
  • Set 2 - 10 Actions Flashcards
  • Set 3 - 10 Adjectives Flashcards
  • Set 4 - 10 Characters Flashcards
  • Set 5 - 10 Objects Game Flashcards

Activity instructions are included in the Teacher's Guide Book

Kids English Theatre
Kids English Theatre
Kids English Theatre
Kids English Theatre
Kids English Theatre

Kids English TheatreTeller© and Teacher Toolkit is exclusive to Kids English Theatre Live Program Participants

Kids English TheatreTeller© and Teacher Toolkit

A unique teaching resource - devised to transform language learning into a playful and theatrical adventure for young children.


  • Kids English TheatreTeller© and Teacher Toolkit Guide (32 pages)
  • TheatreTeller© (Measurements: (Open) 55cm height x 80cm width (Closed) 55cm height x 40cm width)
  • 3 Complete Story-Card Sets (total 30 story-cards)
  • 3 Complete Finger Puppet Story Sets (total 17 paper puppets)
  • 3 Complete Reward Sticker Chart Sets (total 30 charts)
  • 635 Reward Stickers (15mm)
  • 60 Superstar Reward Stickers (35mm)
  • 30 SuperStar Award Certificates
  • Set 1 - Question cue-cards (total 10 flashcards)
  • Set 2 - Actions (total 10 flashcards)
  • Set 3 - Adjectives (total 10 flashcards)
  • Set 4 - Characters (total 10 flashcards)
  • Set 5 - Objects (total 10 flashcards)
N,B This resource is a physical product and is not digitally downloadable