What’s the difference between the Video Course and Miranda’s LIVE Courses?

The Video Course is an ideal opportunity for participants to watch a condensed teacher training program on their PC, tablet or smartphone. The video course introduces key strategies in teaching children a second language using drama. Included with the course are “Handbooks”, jam-packed full of games, activities, comedy sketches and flashcards which can be adopted straight away in lessons. Miranda’s “LIVE” Courses and Masterclasses are in-depth practical programs conducted by Miranda Flynn, where participants are immersed and develop, over a 1-5-day period, all key levels of teaching young learners aged 3-10 years using the Kids English Theatre Method.

What happens if I have technical problems in viewing the course?

We would never want you to be dissatisfied with our course due to technical problems! If this happens, please contact us and we will try to resolve any problems you have encountered.

Are you thinking about making a "group purchase"?

This practice is NOT permitted, we regularly monitor member accounts and in case of irregular activity we reserve the right to block access to the video course without any prior notice.

Can I view the video off-line?

You can view the video course through your member area, as many times as you want and on any type of device (pc, tablet, smartphone, etc) but you are not allowed to download the video: if a member downloads the video lessons, we are automatically notified. In this case, we reserve the right to revoke access to the course.