Play This Drama Energizer Game with Your ESL Students in Class Or Online


Play This Drama Energizer Game with Your ESL Students in Class Or Online

Play This Drama Energizer Game with Your ESL Students in Class Or Online

Sometimes it’s hard to get the right amount of energy going in an ESL classroom. You want your students actively participating, but not bouncing off the walls. You want them to be focused and not falling asleep.

A good drama energizer game can help us get to that perfect middle ground while still practicing some ESL topics.

This is a simple, structured energizer that you can play in class or online. Make sure to have some flashcards on hand. These flashcards can have letters of the alphabet, numbers (preferably between 1-10), or basic shapes. You’ll use these to lead the game.

Here’s how to play:

Step 1 – Separate your class into two teams

Step 2 – Pick a student from each team to come up in front of the class.

Step 3 – Secretly show a letter on a card to each of them.

Step 4 – Have them draw the letter (or number/shape) in the air.

Step 5 – Pick on the first student who raises their hand to let them guess the letter.

The first student to correctly guess what the students drew in the air scores a point for their team. Pick another student from each team and do it over again for another round. And that’s the game!

To prevent the children from shouting over one another and losing the room, really emphasize that you’ll only pick on someone who has their hand raised nicely.

To adapt this game for online classes, you’ll take on the task of drawing shapes in the air yourself. It will be too difficult to try and do it like in the classroom. To keep it simple, have your students use a colorful handmade paddle to “raise their hand.” Much like one you use at an auction, it’ll be easy to see and it’ll keep the noise level down so students won’t shout out the answer.

To see a demonstration of this ESL Drama Energizer Game, click here!

Hope you enjoy playing this Drama energizer game with your ESL Students in class or online

For more ideas on how to teach English through drama, download the free e-book, Teach Children English Through Drama.

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