Don't teach if you can't swim – the challenges of teaching children ESL

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Don't teach if you can't swim – the challenges of teaching children ESL

Ever had a lesson that’s gone miserably wrong?

Ever seen children clambering over each other to get out of your class as fast as possible?

I have.

Just between you and me, I’ve suffered quite a few flunked lessons and gone home feeling guilty and irritable – wondering what I was doing so wrong.

I would blame myself

… “I should know better- I’m a qualified teacher, I’ve studied the text books AND read all the best teacher self-help books…..So, why isn’t anything working?”

After 25 years I’ve finally come to the conclusion that


You can read all the books in the universe on swimming techniques

You can follow YouTube swimming courses

You can study top Olympic experts

At a push you can even teach other people how to swim (in theory)

but until you actually get into the water and feel that unique sensation of your body floating (or sinking) you’ll never actually LEARN HOW to swim.


THEORY is the basis to teaching but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

PRACTICAL experience is what turns us into – GREAT TEACHERS

We may have top qualifications and countless certificates to our name
but without the practical KNOW-HOW it will take us an awful long time of experimenting through trial and error before we start to really understand how children tick.

I know, I’ve been there

and this is the main reason why I started

Kids English Theatre and the 3-Step Teacher Training Programme.

To help save other teachers from wasting time and energy making the same mistakes I made.

What makes this programme different to what you’ve ever done before?


It’s purely PRACTICAL

Throughout the programme you’ll be closely guided and given the opportunity to learn by doing, develop and implement your practical teaching skills.

It’s called 3-Steps because it’s developed over 3 weekends to allow you the possibility to try-out your new skillset with your own students straight away.

Check out the next training programme here ==>

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