How Can I Compete With Native-English Teachers?

Native-English Teachers

How Can I Compete With Native-English Teachers?

Do you remember a favourite teacher you had at school?

What makes you remember them?

Often, it’s because they touched you emotionally.

I remember my first French teacher (she wasn’t native French; she came from Manchester), but she would love to surprise the whole class with magic tricks. One day, she even pulled a French speaking fluffy bunny from a hat, which we kept as a class mascot. I loved her French lessons, and I loved her. And much of the French I still remember today is thanks to her creative teachings.

The question is then, who is more effective in teaching a second language? Is it a native speaker with a perfect “British” accent?  Or is it a teacher who is able to connect, interact, and inspire children to learn?

I know which one I would choose. But not everyone thinks the same way.

Many parents and schools still believe native speakers, even with no teaching experience, are the best choice to teach children a second language.

So, where does that leave non-native English speakers? Second choice. So, how do you become a first-choice teacher for families?

The answer is simply by hard work, training, and learning the best skills to captivate and motivate a young audience with a unique method that will make sure they learn English fast and have fun. This way, even if you start small, gradually, through word of mouth, your English Theatre lessons will become the talk of the town and everyone will want you as their teacher.

How do you do that? By learning from an expert! Find out more about our Teacher Training Courses and how they can open up new opportunities for you.

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