We all have stories to tell – It’s how we tell them that makes the difference


We all have stories to tell – It’s how we tell them that makes the difference

My friend recently told me that she had taken her five-year-old daughter to a book reading. The book was her daughter’s favourite tale and it was going to be read by the author.

The little girl had expectations that it would be a magical retelling of the story but unfortunately it was a total bore and she was left really disappointed.

Storytelling is an important part of any English lesson. It is an ideal way to introduce and practice new vocabulary, it promotes listening and comprehension skills, not to mention pronunciation.
The problem is that not all of us are good storytellers.

For some it doesn’t come naturally or it can feel strange and uncomfortable listening to our own voices speaking in front of large audiences.

If you want your storytelling to be spell- bounding and instructive and not just an improvised time-filler, it is important to learn basic story-telling techniques.

In our Complete 5-Day Teacher Training Course we will be developing easy- to- use skills that will help you find your voice and give you the confidence to become a unique and captivating narrator.

Topics include

– How to select and adapt appropriate stories for non-native speakers
– Voice techniques: Learn how to adapt an enthusiastic, clear and engaging voice.
– Learn how to relate to children on an emotional level, excite and motivate.
– Effective body language strategies : Learn how to appear relaxed, open, and friendly communicating in front of a class of any size
– Creating your own story
– How to bring a story to life using flashcards, puppets, props and costumes
– How to control storytelling nerves

Save time, effort and headache and learn specific techniques that make you a better teacher and get children excited about learning English.


Happy Teaching!

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