What is the KET Teacher Training Academy?

What is the KET Teacher Training Academy

What is the KET Teacher Training Academy?

The Kids English Theatre – Teacher Training Academy is a five-day intensive teacher training course designed specifically for native and non-native English speakers who have an excellent knowledge of English and a strong motivation to teach children but need professional guidance and assistance in developing and shaping their teaching skills.

The course is open to both professional and non-professional teachers of English and provides simple step-by-step practical ideas on how to successfully teach young learners through theatre, action songs, fun, and games.

During the course, participants will study and practice in-depth “key aspects” of teaching young learners aged 3-10 years using the Kids English Theatre Method.

By following our Teacher Training Programme, you can discover how to become a confident, creative, and engaging communicator of English. You will also learn simple proven techniques that will energize your lessons, make your teaching fun and rewarding, and above all, ensure that your children learn English quickly.

Our practical, clear, and well-structured courses allow even the less experienced participants to develop basic skills in teaching young learners English through drama.

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