5-Day Intensive Teacher Training Course 2-6 September 2019, Florence.

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5-Day Intensive Teacher Training Course 2-6 September 2019, Florence.

Are you feeling exhausted and super frazzled? Brain fog? Impatient? Nerves on end? It’s a sure sign the school year if nearly at its end and so are your energy levels!🥵🥵

It’s easy to underestimate just how challenging (and energy sapping) teaching kids a second language can be, right?! But then again there is no other more gratifying and fun job in the world.❤️

Saying that – we still all need a holiday at the end of the year! Just enough time to recharge our batteries, reflect and plan another exciting year ahead.

After a well-deserved break, what better time than the beginning of September to get you started in the right direction and take your teaching to the next “theatrical” level🎭🤩🔝🇬🇧

I’m excited to announce the dates for the next

📣📣5-Day Intensive Teacher Training Course
2-6 September 2019, Florence.📣📣

I always see September as a month full of new opportunities and new beginnings and this unique course promises to help you change the way you teach forever!

Bookings are now open and there is an amazing 🐦🐦Early Bird Special Offer 🐦🐦available for a limited time only or while bookings last.
For information and bookings ==> http://www.kidsenglishtheatre.com/5day-course/

The 5-day Intensive one-of -a-kind training experience is held only once a year and tickets tend to sell out quickly so if you’re interested in participating, I recommend booking early so as not be disappointed.

Feel free to drop me a line if you need further information
Be theatrical!

📘Resources: Free E-book- Teach Children English Through Drama
==> http://www.kidsenglishtheatre.com/free-ebook/

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