ESL Drama Game – Flashcard Limbo Dance

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ESL Drama Game – Flashcard Limbo Dance

Children get restless and fidgety when they have to sit still for long periods of time, especially around this time of year.

The ⚡️Flashcard Limbo Dance⚡️ is an ideal way to revise vocab and get children physically active and emotionally engaged learning and speaking in English🇬🇧

Materials needed:
– A Bamboo stick (alternatively: broom stick, elastic or rope)
– Flashcards (animals, colours, rooms of the house, clothes, weather, etc…)
– Music (optional) Limbo rock works a treat!

1. Have 2 children standing holding the bamboo stick at either end

2. Have the rest of the group in a line standing in front of the bamboo stick

3. Hold up a flashcard if the first child in line guesses the correct vocab/phrase they can limbo dance under the stick (bending backwards, bending knees and without touching the bamboo stick with their bodies)

4. If they can’t name the flashcard, they must exchange places with one of the children holding up the limbo stick who in turn joins the rest of the group in line. This way children are “out” only temporarily.

5. Continue holding up flashcards for the group to guess correctly.

6. Every so often lower the limbo stick. Children love the challenge and added fun factor

A simple but effective game that children will want to play again and again.

Miranda xx

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