Always be prepared for the unexpected when teaching children ESL


Always be prepared for the unexpected when teaching children ESL

When I first started teaching children English and Drama I completely underestimated just HOW MUCH planning and didactic materials were needed to teach a 60-minute lesson.

I remember holding one of my very first lessons teaching a group of 6-year olds and feeling super-confident that I had more than enough material to last the lesson – only to run out after the first 15 minutes! Arghh!!!!!
(I hadn’t considered the fact that young children get terribly bored playing the same activity after 5- minutes)

I was therefore forced to improvise for the remaining 45 minutes (an agonising experience and not one I recommend ). Needless to say the lesson totally flopped and I kicked myself all the way home for not being better organised.

Since then I always over-plan lessons.
I add-on extra activities just in case I finish the program early or in case children dislike a particular game and I have to cut it short. Some extras are energy boosters and some are coolers, depending also on children’s energy levels.

It often takes much longer to PREPARE lessons than to ACTUALLY teach them but at least now I feel safe I always have a back-up. My motto is “always be prepared for the unexpected when teaching kids” 

Happy teaching

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