Are ESL Drama Teachers Stealing Jobs?

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Are ESL Drama Teachers Stealing Jobs?

I heard a teacher say the other day.

“You need a degree to have the privilege to be an educator.”

I can’t argue with that.

I also agree with the saying “a teacher never stops learning”

I was so happy to see lots of primary and secondary teachers participating in my last English Theatre training workshop.  All united with one objective: to enhance their teaching skills by adopting “theatre techniques” to teach children ESL

What is important to know about teaching children English through drama is that it is NOT an ALTERNATIVE to how English is taught in schools but COMPLIMENTARY.

Theatre helps bring out the best in children. It strengthens their confidence and overcomes their anxiety in speaking a foreign language. It breaks down language barriers by encouraging children to express themselves in creative ways and this improves their self- esteem.

Theatre teaches children about themselves and helps them discover what they want to become.

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