Do You Dream Of Having A Classroom Full OF Children?


Do You Dream Of Having A Classroom Full OF Children?

Every new teacher dreams of a classroom FULL of children.

But how do you actually fill your classroom with children?

Is it enough to be fluent in English? Is it enough to have a diploma? Is it enough to have a “known name” and expensive publicity campaign backing you?

In my experience…no, it isn’t.

I’m a native English speaker but I’m the worst spoler speller in the world!

I have a CELTA diploma but it has never helped me in teaching children

I keep to a tight “teacher budget” spending less than 90,00 euro per year in publicity


I DO have a constant waiting list of children and families wanting to join my courses every year.

So, what’s the secret?


I am convinced.  that even if you start with just ONE student, but you’re able to get him/her excited and enthusiastic about learning English, you will be a sure success.

Why? Because that ONE child will go home and communicate a new found passion for English and when his/her  parents also see fast and positive progress, they in turn,  will start recommending your English courses to other parents and soon, word of mouth will have a snowball effect and in no- time your classes will be full to the brim.

Believe me! If it worked for me, it can work for you too!

And NOW the next big question is:-  How do you get that ONE child excited about learning English?

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