Crush the Fear of Speaking in English – ESL Drama

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Crush the Fear of Speaking in English – ESL Drama

We are all afraid of something. 😱😨
Some people have a fear of flying, others a fear of snakes or spiders. ✈️🕷
I’m personally petrified of rollercoasters, parachuting and bungee jumping (not that I have ever done the last two … I’m too AFRAID!🤣)

Research shows us that one of people’s top fears (way above bungee jumping) is speaking in public.🗣
I can believe it.

I often see people literally fall to pieces when asked to get up on a stage and speak in front of an audience and the older we get the worse the fear.🥶😵😰

Children, however are naturally less self-conscious speaking in front of others. They are curious and animated and open to trying new things. Most importantly children haven’t yet developed the fear of “being wrong”.🤣

👶Toddlers spontaneously play- act and role-play, it’s their instinctive way of making sense of the world in which they live and understanding the characters that surround them.

By continually encouraging children to act-out their emotions 🎭on stage, walk in other’s shoes 👣and interpret weird and wonderful voices we help kids grow-up feeling relaxed and super confident expressing themselves in English in any situation even when confronted with BIG audiences.

Theatre is the ultimate solution to crushing the fear of speaking in English in public. So, let’s start acting!😄

As Mary Poppins 🌂🌂once said
🌟🌟“Anything can happen, if you let it”🌟🌟

Be theatrical!
Miranda xx

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