20 Ways To Say Hello – ESL Drama Game

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20 Ways To Say Hello – ESL Drama Game

👋20 Ways To Say Hello👋

is a fun routine to open English sessions/Summer Camps and get children (ages 6+) focused and energised.

1) First, give each child one of the following greetings:

⭐️ Hello

🔹Hey, there!

⭐️Good Morning

🔹Good afternoon

⭐️Good evening


⭐️ Hi

🔹Great to see you

⭐️ What’s up?

🔹 What’s new?

⭐️ How are you?

🔹 G’ day

⭐️How’s tricks?

🔹Long time no see

⭐️How is it going?

🔹How are things?



⭐️How are you doing today?


2) Next, ask each child to create a short physical action to accompany their greeting

For example:

– Hello (👋hand wave)

– Hi (👍thumbs up)

– Hey, there!(high five)

– Good Morning (💃theatrical bow)

– Good afternoon (🤜fist-pump)

– What’s up? (🕺turn-around and jump)

Encourage children to interpret goofy voices and be as theatrical, dramatic or comical as possible.

3) At the beginning of each session have everyone stand in a circle. Randomly choose a child to lead the group by jumping into the middle and greeting the group with their “unique hello and action”.

4) The group follows the leader by mirroring the greeting and gesture.

5) Continue around the circle choosing a different leader each time.

This game helps children learn 20 different ways to say HELLO in no time (21 if you add my personal favourite… “Aloha” just for fun ). It also boosts children’s self confidence by giving them opportunities to play leader and take centre stage.

✴️N.B. Keep the atmosphere bristling with energy. Greetings should be zipped through in a couple of minutes… not 20!😂

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Be theatrical!


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