Egg and Spoon Race for Young Language Learners


Egg and Spoon Race for Young Language Learners

Looking for a fun Activity to do with your young language learners?👀🐥🇬🇧

🥚🥄The Egg and Spoon Race is a classic but forever popular children’s movement game loved by everyone.🤩
A simple game that can be adapted to review vocabulary with young language learners and a fun Easter activity🐣🐤🤩

Game suitable for children from 4+

1) Split the group in two teams (three if you have a large group) and have children lined up standing one behind the other.

2) Give a spoon and tennis ball 🥄🏐 (the original game uses boiled eggs) to the child standing at the top of each line. The child must place the ball on their spoon and place their other hand behind their back

3) Position a selection of illustrated flashcards on the floor a few metres away

4) Call out a flashcard and have the two children carrying the ball and spoon race 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🥚🥄 to fetch the card without dropping their ball. If a ball is dropped the child must replace it before continuing.

5) For extra language learning practice, you can introduce a chair and prepositions on/under/in front /behind and call out for example “Put the rabbit under the chair” or “Put the elephant behind the chair” …etc, have children race and place the flashcard in the correct position.

6) Repeat until everyone has had a go.

Great fun and an active way to review and practice language 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
Enjoy and be theatrical!
Miranda xx


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