ESL Drama Game- Pin the Clothes


ESL Drama Game- Pin the Clothes

Looking for a fresh idea to teach young learners “What are you wearing?” Try this game, children love it!

You will need:
– Clothes pegs
– Images of clothes e.g socks, hat, trousers, dress, gloves, skirt, shirt..

Print clothes on different coloured card, cut around borders and laminate

How to play:
Attach an item of clothing to children’s backs using a clothes peg. The aim of the game is for children to steal as many flashcards from other children’s backs as possible – without getting their own flashcard stolen.
The child who steals the most flashcards is the winner

Children will now be holding a few items of clothes in their hands
– the perfect opportunity for the teacher to ask:
“What are you wearing?”
Children answer:
I’m wearing a blue sock
I’m wearing an orange dress
I’m wearing a blue hat and a green sock etc.

This is a lively active game and ideal to play with children 6+
If you’re teaching pre-schoolers I suggest playing a less exuberant activity to begin with. E.g Pin the clothes vocabulary on the walls around the classroom. Call out a vocabulary word and ask children to run and touch the correct card.
Keep in mind game rules :
– Keep instructions simple
– Give a demonstration of how to play the game
– Test drive the game to check everyone has understood the rules
– Show children you’re having fun too!

Happy teaching and remember …Be theatrical!!

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