ESL Warm-up Game-Bell Freeze


ESL Warm-up Game-Bell Freeze

A quick warm- up movement game to help children practice sports, action verbs and target language Can you….? Yes, I can.

It’s based roughly on the traditional game of “musical statues” but without the music!

It can be played in class, at home and even online I suggest giving action verbs that children may find fun to freeze for example Can you…? – hop on your left foot – hop on your right foot and wave your hands in the air – dance the twist – swim (backstroke) – eat the biggest pizza in the world – play the guitar like a Rockstar – go fishing for crocodiles – play basketball (super-fast) – play table tennis (ping-pong) – kick-box (not the pc if you’re online😊) – ride a bike – go ice-skating – climb Mount Everest – play the piano like Beethoven

I hope you find this useful.

Be theatrical Miranda

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