Game of the Week – Count and Balance

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Game of the Week – Count and Balance

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun.
Count and Balance (suitable for children 4+)
You’ll need your trusty magic wand for this game.
– Have everyone standing in a circle.
– Explain that they are going to count to 50 (10 for younger children) standing on one leg with their eyes closed!
– If anyone loses their balance, falls over or puts a foot on the ground they’re out and have to sit down. The winner is the last person standing.
– When I say “out” I really mean children sit on the floor but continue counting along (practicing) with the rest of the class.
– Children are naturally competitive and sometimes won’t spontaneously admit to losing their balance – this is when your trusty magic wand comes in handy to lightly tap a child on their head if you catch them out:)

A tricky but fun activity for counting practice, days of the week or months of the year.

Hope you enjoy playing it.
Happy teaching and be theatrical
Miranda xx
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