Start Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Start Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

While I was studying acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (over 25 years ago!) my tutors were exceptionally demanding and would constantly push me out of my comfort zones.😱So much so that I vividly remember once, walking down the street at the end of a particularly disastrous movement class with tears rolling down my face, thinking that I would never be able tango💃 like I should. After hours of practice (and very sore feet) I improved a little but it was really tough.🥵😅

It wasn’t until I finished drama school that I realised those tango classes, in reality weren’t aimed at turning me into an exceptional dancer, they were simply to help me learn about my strengths and weaknesses and overcome my fears.

Fast forward a few years…I continue to try and apply the same philosophy in both teaching young language learners and coaching actors and English teachers.🇬🇧

Comfort zones are funny things.
We stick to them because they feel familiar and easy but they also dull us into routine and a predictable teaching style (very boring for young language learners who thrive on novelty and surprise).
By stepping out of our comfort zones we discover potential talents we never thought we had just waiting to be explored.

Staying curious and pushing our personal boundaries is scary, but learning new skills is what keeps our teaching exciting for our students. Challenge is also empowering- it can bring immense satisfaction and success to our work and above all it helps us grow into the kind of teacher we aspire to be.

It’s never too late to tango…it’s simply a question of taking the first step💃👣🇬🇧

Happy teaching…be theatrical!
Miranda xx

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