How do you build a child’s confidence in English?


How do you build a child’s confidence in English?

There is no doubt that it is simpler to teach and boost confidence in children who are naturally extrovert and who readily jump in and try new things with zest and enthusiasm.

But what about shy or introverted children? How can we encourage them to become confident communicators, presenters, leaders?  It’s a challenge we teachers face daily, especially when some children would prefer to jump into an icy bath rather than “take centre stage”.

I believe it’s these children who need our support and encouragement most.

So how can we help?

One simple method I use in class to help boost confidence is by focusing on CHORAL DRAMA GAMES and SONGS.

CHORAL work requires children to actively participate as a WHOLE GROUP (often in a circle). By singing as a chorus or physically moving around in structured group games no-one ever feels singled-out or under pressure to perform alone. Children learn how to collaborate and support each other as a team and it’s this sense of unity/companionship that helps (especially shy) children relax and gradually build their self -confidence.

An example of a “choral” drama game I play with new groups is:

Islands and Sharks 

The teacher calls out a number and the children must physically form an island with the same number of children. Any child left out must dive into the pretend sea and start swimming. Lots of fun and laughter. Islands and Sharks and more group drama games can be found in my FREE-E-book 

Let’s help ALL our children conquer their fears and become confident communicators – and what better way than through laughter and play.

Be theatrical!

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