How to Connect with Young Language Learners

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How to Connect with Young Language Learners

When I first started teaching young learners my main concern was not being able to connect with them. 😵I was young at the time, I had no experience teaching children and I felt self-conscious and wooden communicating with them. But, as soon as I let myself go and entered “kids kingdom” I really started enjoying myself – so much so that I never went back to teaching adults:)😆

Here are 5 tips that have helped me over the years to quickly connect and bond with young learners:

🌈1. Take your job seriously but not yourself
a good sense of humour and the ability to laugh at yourself shows that you have an optimistic and approachable personality and this in itself will help you create a more relaxed, friendly and harmonious class atmosphere

🌈2. Never forget what it’s like to play as a child
remember that for children- playing is serious learning and if you are able to see the world from a child’s perspective without imposing adult logic or restraints, you’ll find teaching young learners becomes much less complicated and more enjoyable

🌈3. Chose an activity that is quick to teach and simple to play.
If you can’t explain a game in a few seconds don’t play it because you risk children getting distracted and wondering off before you finish. Keep the general rules to a maximum of 3 or 4. Any more and children get confused.

🌈4. Clear simple rules help classroom discipline and set children up for success
Let children know what behaviour you expect from them by introducing simple ground rules before activities. This will help children feel safe and reassured and guarantee the smooth running of your lessons, stress free! And don’t forget to motivate children with rewards for good behaviour.

🌈5. Show energy, passion and enjoyment and your children will too!
You may at times be feeling exhausted but always “act” enthusiastic and full of energy. – Children tend to mirror your behaviour so if you look bored and fed-up don’t be surprised if they look it too!

Happy teaching and remember be theatrical!🤩🙂🇬🇧

Miranda xx

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