Times are changing for TimeOut

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Times are changing for TimeOut

A few years ago “timeout” was considered a successful approach to managing children’s misbehaviour. Now it looks like time’s up for timeout! There’s a debate currently going on about classroom management in UK pre-schools and whether to ban the word “naughty” and the idea of using the “naughty step” which has negative connotations and instead use a more holistic approach.

Effective classroom management is key to teaching successfully. But while there are some teachers who have a natural ability to manage classes others have to work really hard and it. And with so many contrasting theories and opinions out there -it’s hard to know which method to use.🤔

I personally don’t think there is ONE secret to successfully managing classes. Kids are all unique and (often) so is their behaviour.
I use various classroom management strategies to reinforce positive behaviour and I start early – during demo/trial lessons.

My motto is …Set children up for success …..

I don’t assume children know how to behave in my class (at home they may act very differently) so I need to show them and help them understand what I expect from them the moment they walk through the door.

Introduction strategy:

– Introduce 5-6 basic rules (routines) in the first lesson.
– Repeat and practice routines (practice makes perfect.)
– Be consistent upholding rules. (no MEANS no, wait MEANS wait)
– Always use a positive voice and relaxed body language (kids can sense when you’re not in control of the class by your body language)
– Reward positive behaviour

– Avoid labelling a child as “difficult” – always give him/her a fresh start next lesson. (when children are labelled difficult/problematic, they’re more likely to act so)

Proactive communication works best for me but we all have different teaching styles – the important thing is finding the right strategy that works best for you 😉

Be theatrical🤩
Miranda xx

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