Lotto Game to Teach Children English

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A simple Lotto Game to help young children review and practice adjectives and nouns. Suitable for one-to-one or small groups. When parents ask me what language learning activities to do with their young children at home, I often suggest Lotto / Bingo games. They’re active and fun and help boost children’s comprehension and verbal skills.…

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What Makes a Teacher Unforgettable?


We have just completed this September’s 5-Day Intensive training course in Florence with some amazing teachers from around the globe, all with different backgrounds and teaching experiences. It was great fun!🤩 I’m always super excited about meeting new groups and I usually start the first day of each teacher training course with a simple question:…

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Why do English lessons flop?

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Have you ever prepared an  activity for your children based on what you’ve read somewhere or seen someone do? But when you introduce it, it completely FLOPS?😢 Why is that? A lot comes down to how we communicate. I often see teachers with impressive qualifications, knowledge and experience but with something fundamental missing: Effective communication…

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Do you ever feel you’re teaching on autopilot?


Do you ever feel you’re teaching on autopilot? Do you find yourself repeating the same old activities over and over? Are you too busy teaching – to plan lessons? You’re not alone. It’s no easy task preparing lessons that guarantee children will stay focused and motivated. And unfortunately, there is no “go to” secret to…

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ENGLISH DRAMA GAME OF THE WEEK Introducing young learners to the Rooms of the House can be a tricky topic. Children often get the rooms and pronunciation all mixed-up and I don’t blame them – I would too! Bathroom – Bedroom Dining room- Sitting room …..arghhh!!!😫😱 Here’s a surprisingly simple MIME game to help children…

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How do you build a child’s confidence in English?


There is no doubt that it is simpler to teach and boost confidence in children who are naturally extrovert and who readily jump in and try new things with zest and enthusiasm. But what about shy or introverted children? How can we encourage them to become confident communicators, presenters, leaders?  It’s a challenge we teachers face…

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Trial English Language Lessons – Can Be Scary


It’s that anxious time of year again – the start of a new school term. Many of you are probably already in full flow organising trial lessons for prospective new students. I personally still find trial lessons stressful – mainly because there are no guarantees: Children will actually show up and participate in the trial…

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