Why do English lessons flop?

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Why do English lessons flop?

Have you ever prepared an  activity for your children based on what you’ve read somewhere or seen someone do? But when you introduce it, it completely FLOPS?😢

Why is that?

A lot comes down to how we communicate.

I often see teachers with impressive qualifications, knowledge and experience but with something fundamental missing: Effective communication skills.

According to research (Albert Mehrabian PhD , professor at UCLA), our non-verbal communication has a powerful impact on the people we come into contact with – much more powerful in fact than our verbal communication.

How much?

A whopping 55% body language communication as opposed to 7% verbal.

You can see better in the graph below what happens in the first 4 minutes of meeting someone new and how we quickly judge, like or dislike that person based on how they communicate.

Anybody who has met me knows how passionate I am about positive communication skills.❤️❤️ I believe communication and theatre can resolve the majority of teaching challenges, forever!

For example:

🗣 when teachers tell me they are having classroom management issues, chaotic classes, noisy, misbehaving, uncooperative children – a lot can be resolved through better communication skills.

🗣 When teachers tell me they are unable to handle forthright or disgruntled parents – much can be dealt with better communication skills.

🗣 When teachers tell me they don’t feel confident teaching – again, communication skills are the solution

🗣 And above all teachers who struggle with bored, fidgety, distracted students can instantly turn their class around and find more enjoyment and satisfaction from teaching when they adopt positive communication skills and theatre of course!

So if communication and theatre techniques are so important in the classroom why aren’t more teachers embracing them?

Because communication skills unfortunately cannot be learned from a text book, video course or from someone telling you “communicate better! ” – you have to develop and practice these skills, in person.

This is the simple reason why I have designed a training course using theatre techniques to help guide teachers develop and above all practice these imperative skills and prepare them to face any audience with more confidence, power, warmth, trust and professionalism.

For more info about our teacher training courses ==> http://www.kidsenglishtheatre.com/teacher-training-courses/

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