Teaching children English is tough!

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Teaching children English is tough!

Contrary to what most people believe – teaching children a foreign language is 1000 times more complicated than teaching adults.

I too once thought “Kids? An hour lesson? Yeah, I can do that, no problem! Some paper, a few crayons and I’ll have them doing worksheets and colouring-in pages, simple!”👍👌
How wrong I was.

After 5-minutes colouring everyone had finished and I was left with the remaining 55–minutes at a complete loss. Arghh! 🤔

It’s taken me years of trial and error to discover the secrets of teaching young children successfully. One of my most important discoveries was finding the balance between motivating drama activities, an upbeat class energy and positive (personal) communication.

Today my motto is “It’s not only what you teach, it’s how you teach it that is important.”

I went to drama school when I was eighteen and loved every minute of the 3-year tuition. One key aspect of my training was learning how to read an audience’s energy levels and developing techniques in keeping them awake! I therefore quickly learnt how to adapt my voice,(pace, tone, rhythm, volume, pitch) facial expressions, eye contact and body language to engage better with audiences and keep them focused- techniques that have been imperative to me also teaching children.

Teachers however, are not trained in the same way.

There are no schools that provide teachers with a toolkit of communication skills that fully prepares them to face the toughest of all audiences: children.😲

Unfortunately, it is simply assumed that teachers already know how to expressive themselves and communicate with young learners.

This is why I wanted to start a completely unique teaching programme and combine both communication techniques and exciting drama-based activities to help teachers reach their full potential and get the most enjoyment out of their work.

Because ultimately, if we can communicate our love for teaching – children will love learning. 💙💚🧡

If you want to learn more about how to teach children English through theatre

Come and join our teacher training courses -they will change the way you teach, forever!

Miranda xx

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