English drama game of the week

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English drama game of the week

Theatre warm-up games are perfect in helping to break-the-ice with a new langauge class🇬🇧 and set a playful tone to sessions. They instantly create a pressure free setting where children feel open to join-in, get-to-know their classmates and try new-things.
A fun drama starter game is:
Age: Children 5-99
Level: beginner- advanced

Print some flashcards of different animals and/or objects for example:
– washing machine
– birthday cake
– car
– dragon
– clock
– crocodile
– candle
– tennis racket
Put the children into teams of 5-6 and explain that when you hold up an illustration they have 10 seconds to reproduce the same object/animal (together as a team) using their bodies, facial expressions and sounds So, for example if you say “make a car”, the children must work together and form the different components of a car using physical gestures to define the shape, wheels, engine, windscreen wipers, someone driving it etc. Encourage the children to make motor and honking horn noises.

Lots of fun and a theatrical way to make language learning active and memorable.

Miranda xx

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