The secret to teaching children English

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The secret to teaching children English

If you have an after-school program or you’re planning on opening one soon – one of the biggest challenges you’ll probably face is getting new students to enrol.

Years ago, when I first started teaching children in Italy it was simple and effortless getting new students mainly because there were few (if any) after school language programs in town specifically dedicated to children. It was either me or the football club:)

Today the situation is completely different. Everywhere you look there are new kids language courses, labs, camps, parties, clubs🇬🇧… popping up every day and consequently the competition is fierce.

The secret to persuading potential new students to choose you and not someone else is…….

Be Unique!!.

Identify your personal strengths and use them to stand out from the rest.

Every year I have waiting lists for my after school programs and I’m contstantly offered work in schools not because I’m the best English teacher in town (far from it) but because I learnt early on how to use my acting training and communication skills to make my English Theatre courses one-of-a-kind and unique to me. My market is a niche market but it’s in high demand!

You too have a secret uniqueness that can distinguish you from everyone else. Maybe you just need a helping hand to discover what it is.

….Come and join me and other like- minded teachers in the next 5-Day Intensive Teacher Training Course 2-6 September, Florence Italy. ==>

This is an entirely practical course where you will play the protagonist
During the week you’ll have endless opportunities to develop and elaborate new creative teaching skills. You’ll build your confidence working with theatre techniques and above all you’ll discover where your secret talents lie and what kind of teacher you ultimately want to be.

Hold tight! 👀It’s going to be an unforgettable experience.😃

CourseTopics Include:

• How to teach English using drama techniques and language games
• Storytelling, role-play and puppets
• How to stage plays
• Using music to excite and engage
• How to become a successful communicator
• How to publicize and organize your own courses

Bookings are now open and an incredible Early Bird 30% discount is now on offer for a limited time.⌛️Please keep in mind places are also limited so book early!

For information and bookings click here ==>

Be theatrical and…be original😃
Miranda xx

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