What’s the time Mr Wolf?


What’s the time Mr Wolf?

A classic game that helps children practice question forms and telling the time. It’s a fun game to finish sessions and guarantees fun and laughter. As an alternative to What’s the time Mr Wolf? why not play the game by practicing different vocabulary for example :

– What’s the weather like, Mr Wolf? For which Wolf can answer “It’s rainy, It’s sunny, It’s cloudy, It’s snowy” – when Mr Wolf says the magic words “It’s stormy”, he runs and tries to catch the other children before they arrive back to the safety of their “home”. Try also: – What’s your favourite colour, Mr Wolf? – How are you Mr Wolf? – What’s your favourite food, Mr Wolf? Children won’t remember by heart all the different vocab so help jog their memory using flashcards as prompts. Works a trick!

Be theatrical! Miranda

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