Who says you can teach?


Who says you can teach?

How can I tell my child is making progress?
Ever hear this question?

Many teachers know that parents are eager to see the improvements their children are making in their English lessons. That means teachers are under constant pressure to prove that their lessons are productive.

The problem is how do you prove it?

Children don’t usually get opportunities to converse or practice their second language speaking skills outside of school. And if there is no real motive for children to speak a second language at home, they simply won’t feel the need to speak it, right?

So what to do?

Create opportunities in your lessons where children get plenty of practice speaking and communicating in English and where parents can also actively follow their progress.


An OPEN LESSON PERFORMANCE is where teachers spend a few weeks helping children prepare a 10 -minute skit or role-play to perform in front of a live audience.

Open lessons also allow parents to come into class and see their children on a regular basis and follow their progress and development

Open lessons not only help children build their confidence in communicating in English, they also encourage them to overcome their shyness and fears of speaking in public.

Parents finally feel at ease that their money and time has been well spent on their child’s education and above all, teachers feel they have taken the stress out having to prove their worth.

Now, the only problem is.. where do teachers find suitable ESL skits, sketches and role-plays to perform and more importantly how do they set about directing them? Teachers aren’t actors!

This is why I have devised a course on OPEN LESSON PERFORMANCES.

To give simple and practical suggestions even for teachers with no previous theatrical experience. In this course, we offer expert tips and tricks on how to make your class theatre performances/ sketches hassle free, professional looking, and enormously enjoyable for everyone involved!

It is important to remember that you are not looking to transform children into award winning actors, but to help them have some fun, develop their communication and language skills, and show their parents how much they are learning English through drama.

Topics Include:

Getting started
Where to perform
Choosing a Theme /Titles Plays
How to choose and adapt a script
10 minutes sketches
Staging a play
Costume ideas
Make-up Design and examples
Preparations on the day of performance

Remember- teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.
Open lesson performances simply give a helping hand to teaching more effectively.

Happy Teaching!

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