Character Walks – English Drama Game

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Character Walks – English Drama Game

👣Character Walks👣
This simple drama game (ages 6+) is great for practicing questions and reviewing vocabulary. It also encourages children to develop their imaginations and boost their self-confidence by play-acting in front of an audience.

1) Have everyone standing in a large circle
2) Children are secretly given a character for example: ballerina, cowboy, queen, robot, monster, pirate, astronaut, clown,bear, monkey, wolf, mouse, etc. 🤠💂‍♂️👑
3) Ask a child to cross the circle and walk like their character.. 🤖
4) Have the rest of the group guess what character they are playing by asking “Are you a cowboy?”, “Are you an astronaut?” and have the player answer “Yes, I am” or No, I’m not”
5) Repeat and ask another child to cross the circle as their character🤺🐁
6) For older children you can extend the activity by asking them to do different actions as their character for example: brush your hair, wash your hands, eat breakfast, get dressed, go shopping, etc…🛒🤹‍♂️

❗️Note: Start the activity by giving a demonstration (being theatrical) using lots of exaggerated actions and funny faces. In turn, children to throw themselves in more freely.

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️If children cross the circle too quickly ask them to repeat the action a few times until the rest of the group guesses who they are.

Lots of fun, laughter and learning!
Enjoy … Curious to hear how you find this one.🎭😄🇬🇧


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