Storytelling with young language learners

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Storytelling with young language learners

I used to really dislike storytelling with my young language learners.
Because it was such hard work!
I would find it exhausting maintaining children’s attention for longer than a “page” and it crushed me when I saw eyes rolling 🙄or heard little voices exclaim “when is it finished?” or worse still “this is BORING!!”.😴

I desperately wanted these beautiful stories to fly off the page and touch children’s hearts but I had no idea where to start – the language barrier seemed like an impossible obstacle to overcome.🤔

Well, I had to start somewhere and I quickly learnt that to engage young non-native speakers I couldn’t simply rely on narrating the story and showing pictures. I had to bring it to life in some way. So I started introducing props, costumes, music, puppets, masks and I began inventing ways to bring a little magic to stories and awaken all the children’s senses.

Since then I have spent years developing a multitude of creative strategies in ACTIVE and MULTISENORY storytelling using drama and play.

Now I want to share with you my TEACHING SECRETS and help you feel more creative and confident storytelling. I guarantee these fun and indispensable teaching tools will change the way you teach languages FOREVER.🤩


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