How hard can teaching young learners English be?

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How hard can teaching young learners English be?

You can speak English, right?
Do people keep asking you to teach their children?
Do schools want you to organise after school English Theatre programmes?
Welcome to the club – it happens to me all the time too!

It’s great being “in demand” especially in a time when unemployment is so high.

So you start.
You don’t have any formal training in ESL Drama but who cares, right? How hard can teaching young learners be? They’re only kids!

You plan your first lesson – and it goes surprisingly well. Children are enthusiastic and their parents subscribe to your after-school programme.

For your second lesson, you repeat more or less what went so well in your first. But your activities aren’t as effective second time around and your children are becoming restless and bored.

For your third lesson, your imagination completely dries up and you’re totally stuck for fresh ideas.Your students switch off and start causing classroom chaos!
This is when panic strikes and you realise that you have no idea how or what to teach! 

What happens as a result of ineffective teaching?

Simple, parents and schools find alternative English Theatre teachers who CAN get the best from their students.

And unfortunately, they stop coming to you.

So, what’s the secret to GETTING new students and more importantly KEEPING them?

1. Plan your lessons by learning what your objectives are and how best to implement them.
2. Use drama activities that engage, entertain and EDUCATE children and which are appropriate to their age and language ability
3. Adopt activities that accommodate children’s different learning styles 

Three fundamental steps that in theory seem complicated.

But if I show you what you are doing wrong and how to make amends using practical, hands on examples, you will save time, effort and heartache and be fully prepared when you next walk into a classroom.

Don’t improvise teaching English – start on the right foot by learning all the necessary “practical” skills that will ensure your students love learning English through Drama and make you the best possible teacher you can be.

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