Singing with young language learners

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Singing with young language learners

A question I often ask teachers is “do you sing in class?”

Answers vary…
🗣 “Perhaps, if there’s time at the end of the lesson”
🗣“No, I’m a terrible singer!”
🗣“Yes, but I sing the same old songs”
🗣“I’m too embarrassed to sing”
🗣“I only sing songs with very young learners. Older kids get bored”
🗣“No, it takes too long for children to learn the song”

I’m no Pavarotti myself but one thing I have learnt over the years teaching young children is that singing has incredible super powers.💪💫💥

What are the advantages of using music to teach a language?

1.🎵 Singing comes naturally to children.
Children generally learn much of their native language through songs. Right from birth babies and toddlers are taught through songs, nursery rhymes, chants and finger-plays, it’s therefore easier and becomes spontaneous for them to learn a second language in a similar way.

2.🎵 Songs eliminate boring drilling routines.
We all know that children need lots of practice to memorise new language but there is a huge difference between learning through an up-beat groovy song and learning mechanically “parrot fashion” repeating over and over verbs or grammatical structures until children are blue in the face!

3.🎵Songs are immense fun and stick in children’s heads…for days or even YEARS! Who can’t remember a song they learnt as a child?

The benefits of singing with children are infinite and I personally sing between 4-5 songs in every session. The kids love it.❤️ I love it! ❤️

Over the years I’ve learnt:

🎤 Which songs excite children most and get them bopping around
🎤Which songs are best suitable for non-native speaking children
🎤 Which songs are easy to teach and learn and STRESS FREE for teachers
🎤How to structure lessons around music
🎤How to love singing with children

In the next Storytelling, Puppets and Music Masterclass (6-7 April, Florence, Italy) we’ll be developing and practicing in depth this extraordinary teaching tool.

Practice makes perfect and what better way to learn new skills than through “doing”.

So get your dancing shoes on and join us for our next teacher training course 6-7 April Florence!👣👩‍🎤💃

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Be theatrical!

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