The Power of Praise and Encouragement

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The Power of Praise and Encouragement

I have to laugh when parents sometimes tell me “ Miranda, I’m sending my child to you because he/she hates English!” Thanks very much!

It’s not ideal starting sessions surrounded by frightened little faces, who already have preconceived negative vibes about language learning. But, when it happens and I know I have a tiny window of opportunity to grasp children’s attention and help them start loving English.

There are lots of strategies to warm children up to English and make them less fearful or inhibited– I personally find drama and comedy are winning factors. 

I also think that boosting children’s confidence and helping them feel good about themselves and their abilities early on is key.

Praise and encouragement have an incredibly powerful impact on young language learners. When a child feels appreciated, he/she is more motivated to do more than what is expected and feel less afraid of making mistakes.

Encouragement comes in many shapes and forms – even a simple smile and a thumbs up can work wonders in getting children excited about “giving English a go”.

Top 10 quick words of encouragement:
1. Well done!
2. Great job!
3. Excellent!
4. You’re a superstar!
5. Fantastic!
6. Superb!
7. Amazing!
8. Congratulations!
9. Wow!
10. Sensational!

Everyone needs a pat on the back for their good efforts…and not just children!

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Be theatrical!
Miranda xx

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